Giuseppe Orsi, Chief Executive Officer of the Finmeccanica Group

Giuseppe Orsi is a graduate of the Milan Polytechnic University where he earned a doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering. Following university, he served as an officer in the Italian Air Force. During his tenure in IAF, he was also qualified as a civil pilot. He has rounded his financial management skill through an executive program at the Wharton School.

Mr. Orsi is the Chief Executive Officer of the Finmeccanica Group from May 2011.

Previous positions in AgustaWestland

Chief Executive Officer of AgustaWestland, the leading helicopter company owned by Finmeccanica, from November 2004 to May 2011.

Since Orsi’s appointment in November 2004, AgustaWestland started its significant organic growth in terms of order intakes, revenue, EBIT, helicopters deliveries. AgustaWestland employs 14,000 people worldwide including the recent acquisition of PZL-Swidnik.

In November 2002, G. Orsi was appointed Managing Director of Agusta spa and the COO of the Italian operation of AgustaWestland. In this period Agusta started the realignment of its production capabilities to adapt itself to the condition of being member of the 50-50 JV with Westland.

In March 2001, with the merging of Agusta and Westland G. Orsi was appointed Managing Director of the Marketing and Sales organization of AgustaWestland worldwide. As such G. Orsi was a member of the Management Committee of the JV. During this period G. Orsi organized the new AgustaWestland market network.

Previous positions in Agusta spa

In December 1999, G. Orsi was appointed Co-General Manager of Agusta in recognition of his decisive contribution in bringing Agusta to a leading position in the international helicopter market and has an active role in the creation of AW.

In August 1997, G. Orsi was appointed Deputy General Manager of Agusta, responsible for Marketing and Sales. In this period G. Orsi has conceived, developed and executed the agreement with Bell for the cross participation in the Tilt Rotor and in the AB139 This agreement was pivotal for the subsequent success of Agusta.

In January 1994, G. Orsi was appointed Senior Vice President — Government Sales and Programs of Agusta and relocated to Italy with the responsibility of the worldwide military sales. He started the reorganization of the Agusta international sales department.

In June 1989, G. Orsi was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of Agusta Aerospace Corporation, Agusta’s North American subsidiary headquartered in Philadelphia with a government relations’ office in Washington D.C. During this period G. Orsi was part of the US Aerospace executives network becoming acquainted with US Corporations rules and business approach and with the US government institutions and procedures.

In 1987, G. Orsi was appointed Sales Director of Agusta’s Aircraft Division, where he was responsible for market development, strategy, and negotiation for all Agusta airplane sales worldwide.

In 1984 with the reorganization of the Agusta’s companies into a centralized management structure, G. Orsi moved to the Corporation as staff to the Marketing & Strategy Director. In this position he was responsible for the management of the Agusta Group’s far-flung international network of sales and representation offices.

In 1973, G. Orsi joined SIAI MARCHETTI, where he became Product Support Director. Siai Marchetti was then incorporated into Agusta.

G. Orsi is member of various international associations and he has been conferred with honours.

In 2010, he was conferred by Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II the “Commander of the BritishEmpire“ (CBE) honour and he has been named “Freeman of the City of London” by the Lord Major. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

G. Orsi is married with Rita. They have two sons and two grandsons.