Ken Norie, President and CEO | VIH Aviation Group

Ken Norie obtained his commercial pilot’s license with helicopter endorsement on his 18th birthday, making him the youngest person in Canadian history to achieve this certification. Ken joined VIH Helicopters as a pilot in 1973 and has over 37 years of helicopter industry experience. In 1978, Ken moved to Prince Rupert as VIH’s Base Manager. In 1986, Ken moved to Victoria as VIH’s Marketing Manager and thereafter became VIH’s Operations Manager. Ken held this position until 1991 when he founded VIH Logging Ltd. which was instrumental in obtaining the Canadian certification of Kamov KA32 helicopters in Canada for use in heli-logging. In 1999 Ken became the sole owner and President of VIH Helicopters and he rebranded and consolidated his growing group of aviation business under VIH Aviation Group Ltd. Under Ken’s ownership the business has grown through acquisitions and strategic investments from a regional domestic VFR operator to a diversified group of aviation businesses providing helicopter services in Canada and internationally.