Andrey Martirosov

Chief Executive Officer, UTair Aviation

Graduated from law department of Taras Shevchenko State University of Kiev majoring in Law.

Andrey Martirosov has been engaged with UTair since 1989. At different times he used to work as a chief of Human Resources, deputy branch manager for HR, social and legal matters in Tazovskiy aviation company – branch of Tyumenaviatrans Aviation JSC.

In 1993 he was appointed as deputy chief executive officer of Tyumenaviatrans Aviation JSC for administration and legal affairs. Starting from 1996 – director of Surgutavia, then largest operating department — Company branch. He held this position concurrently with that of a deputy chief executive officer of the Company.

In January 1999 at the shareholders’ meeting he was elected as Chief Executive Officer of Tyumenaviatrans Aviation JSC. In 2002 Tyumenaviatrans Aviation JSC was renamed as UTair Aviation JSC (now – UTair Aviation).

As Chief Executive Officer, Andrey Martirosov manages overall operations of the Company and the whole UTair Group.

The Chief Executive Officer of UTair Aviation has been granted many departmental and industry awards. This includes: award pin for Excellence in Air Transport, Certificate of Merit from Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, title of Honored Transport Worker of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District – Ugra, honorary title of the Winner of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District – Ugra Award, 1st Degree Medal of Diligence and Valor of the In-house Security Service of the Russian Ministry of Transport.

In 2017 Andrey Martirosov was awarded with the Medal of the Helicopter Industry Association «For contribution to international cooperation in the helicopter industry» and included in the number of Honorary Members of the Association.