“Russian Hour” at the Paris Air Show

“Russian Hour” at the Paris Air Show: “International collaboration of Russian aircraft manufacturers. Suppliers and finalists” 

“OEM & Suppliers – Russian capabilities for global benefits”

16th July, 3:15 to 6 pm
Room 2 in the Conference center

The Russian Helicopter Industry Association along with the Russian Exhibition Systems corporation have established the fine tradition of holding a conference titled «Russian Hour» at the annual American Heli-Expo exhibition. It’s an event at which current issues of international collaboration in the Russian aviation industry are discussed, and has been held since 2009. This year our Russian Hour makes its dèbut at the Paris Air Show.

The international aviation industry is developing higher and higher requirements for production, development companies and manufacturers, which increases the complexity of the supply chain, and raises the level of technological, financial and project risks.

When we bear global trends in mind, it’s vital for market players to find new opportunities for collaboration.

Today Russia is making firm strides in the sphere of international collaboration. Key production for the civil aviation market are being developed in close cooperation with international partners. Russian industry is represented at all tiers of supply and throughout the value chain. Corporations are actively building European standards into their designs, into the standards of their manufacturing processes and into their quality control systems.

The model for the Russian aviation industry means that local manufacturing suppliers are oriented towards global markets, integrated into international chains of suppliers, take part in risk-sharing programs, and have introduced best international practice in their design and manufacturing processes. The Government, in its turn should direct its efforts into multi-directional support for initiatives on the international market.

The Organisers:

Russian Exhibition Systems, Russian Machines with the support of the Trade & Industry Ministry of the Russian Federation. General sponsor – State Corporation Russian Helicopters.

Event Concept

Russian aviation industry companies have consolidated to present proposals to international OEM companies who are interested in working with Russian companies, under the umbrella of the Le Bourget Air Show.

The Aims of the Event

  1. To incept the cooperation of Russian aviation industry companies in accordance with the principles of developing supplies,­ with the proposals of the Strategy Partners Group.
  2. To enable contracting for Russian aviation industry companies.

The Sphere of Activity of the Event

The possibilities of localising production, introduction into the supply chain, the localisation of foreign suppliers within Russian markets, localisation within outsourcing programs, and cooperation in innovation.

The Event Program

15:15 -15:20 Welcome speech from the Deputy Ministry for Trade & Industry of the Russian Federation, Andrey Boginsky

15:20 -15:25 Welcome speech from the President of the Paris Air Show, Monsieur
Emeric d’Arcimoles

15:25 -15:40 The Development of Suppliers to the Aviation Industry – international collaboration.
Sergey Emelianov, Director of aviation industry department of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

15:40 -15:50 The business of successful international collaboration, with the participation of the Skolkovo Foundation, and prospects for its expansion into companies in the aviation manufacturing industry.
Alexey Belyakov, «SKOLKOVO», Vice – President, Executive Director of Space Technologies & Telecommunications Cluster

15:50 -16:00 Aircraft equipment production localization for Russian market
Maksim Kuzyuk, CEO Technodinamika

16:00 -16:08 Possibilities for State Corporation Russian Helicopters to participate in OEM production chains.
Mikhail Rybakov, OJSC «Russian Helicopters», Production Director

16:08 – 16:16 Presentation of promising projects for international collaboration with UAC.
Dmitry Matsenov, Programs and Innovations, Vice President United Aircraft Corporation

16:16 -16:24 Presentation of promising projects for international collaboration with Russian Machines.
Dmitry Rodin, Aviation Development Director, Russian Machines

16:24 -16:32 State Corporation Russian Helicopters within the system of international collaboration involving the development and modernisation of helicopter equipment.
Dmitry Alabuzhev, Program Development Director, State Corporation Russian Helicopters

16:32 -16:40 Inter-Cluster Collaboration in the spheres of Innovation and Retraining Staff.
Denis Zhidkov, Director, Samara Region State Autonomous Institution «Centre for Innovation Development & Cluster Initiative» (SAI «CIC SR»)

16:40 -16:48 Presentation of perspective projects, BEAM company for collaboration with Russian companies
Mr Frédéric Le Moullec (VP Business Development BEAM)

16:48 – 16:56 Presentation of perspective projects, Dassault System for collaboration with Russian companies
Mr Patrick Fardeau (Vice President Global Sales and Market Development, Dassault Systems)

16:56 – 17:05 Presentation of perspective projects, Institute Aeronautique et Spatial for collaboration with Russian companies
Mrs Valérie Barthe, head of business development at IAS (Institute Aeronautique et Spatial)

17:05 — 17:10 Closing speech by Alexander Turov, Trade representative of Russia in France

17:10 -18:00 Buffet

The working language for the event will be English. There is no facility for simultaneous translation in the venue